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Consumer IOT


“The Internet of Things” will soon reach 50 billion devices, and it is predicted that it will have five to 10 times the impact on society compared with the Internet alone. - John Chambers, CEO- Cisco.

For the last few things, technology has given rise to quite a number of innovations. Today, almost everything is connected to some kind of a network, communicating with each other and to intelligent devices such as smartphones. Simply add sensors to these devices and they will also be able to act more intelligently. In essence, this will create a smarter planet where energy efficiency is greater, appliances are smarter, and the overall life is better. This interconnection of things using smart sensors and embedded technologies is known as internet of things (IoT). Today the world is perceiving an advent of a large number of internet of things service providers.

As an Ecosystem Integrator BlrLabs will be a one-stop-shop for solution realization.

Our IoT offerings span across:

  • Customer IOT.
  • Industrial IOT.

Consumer electronics is a key area in the Internet of Things (IoT) and continues to gain traction everyday. These IoT based smart-home gadgets are expected to take off. One in every five U.S. homes with broadband access will buy at least one smart-home device within a year, pushing sales of these devices from 20.7 million in 2014 to 35.9 by 2016, according to a survey released in October by the Consumer Electronics Association. Half of the surveyed buyers were under 35 years old.


For manufacturers, this opportunity represents tremendous revenue potential. However the challenge lies in the ability to get secure, scalable connected products into consumer’s hands, when for most manufacturers the connectivity aspect isn’t their core expertise.

This is where BlrLabs can help. BlrLabs Agile IoT Platform can help consumer electronics manufacturers get products to market quickly by leveraging a well proven, scalable and secure IoTplatform.


Benefits For OEMs from BlrLabs:

The IoT is changing the game for consumer electronics manufacturers; enabling new revenue opportunities, providing new insights into consumer usage, and bringing true interoperabiliity with other connected consumer products. Leveraging proven technology, consumer electronics manufacturers can get products to market quickly that consumers will love.

  • Established, proven technology, speeds time to market for new connected products.
  • Ability to introduce new services revenue opportunities.
  • Flexibility to support multiple communication protocols to better suit manufacturers products.
  • Data can provide new insights on consumer patterns and even on their health.

Benefits For Consumers from BlrLabs:

The IoT is changing how consumers interact with consumer electronics; enabling greater convenience for a better experience, access to data that enables them to optimize their usage, and increasing control they have over their devices. With IoT, the world is at their finger tips.

  • Greater convenience in our everyday lives contributes to a better customer experience.
  • Consumer data engages users to analyze and optimize their usage.
  • Improved device efficiency and potential energy savings.
  • Increased control and management of devices, from anywhere at anytime.