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Industrial IOT


“The transformation of the industrial sector has begun. Companies have begun to use available technologies to completely reimagine their business model".

In this extremely dynamic, complex, and fast-moving space, Blrlab's Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Advisory Service provides the intelligence you need to incorporate the latest IIoT-related developments and best practices into your strategies.

BLR Labs Approach to IIoT:

In general, many businesses want to use the Internet of Things – in this context, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) – to monitor data streams that will them how their products are being used, how their products are doing in the market, provide visibility into internal operations that can be used to optimize operations for efficiency and effectiveness. This means data from an IoT sensor network will be used for decision-making, generally at varying time scales. Some data may be used for immediate, real-time decision-making and others for decision timescales of the order of days, weeks, months and even years.

On a transport side let’s say a train, decision-making times are of the order of milliseconds up to hours or days. BLR Labs approaches this by using a model for processing data that is multi-layered - it is based on a model for input processing by human beings, called the Satir model. The simplified version is shown below.


Our designs emphasize extracting “meaning” close to the sensors so systems can react quickly, and extraction of “significance” can happen further away from sensors to facilitate learning and longer cycle time decision-making.

Our approach provides flexibility in decision making, response times and learning cycles. In general, our designs will feature a combination of local processing hubs and one or more hierarchical processing layers above the local. Since the problem domain determines both “meaning” and “significance”, domain specific models drive our processing and learning hubs.

Problem & Opportunity:

IIoT – Enterprise Pain Points:

Many small and medium companies are confused about rolling out IoT for their customers, and rolling out IoT internally.

  • These SME companies do not understand how they can integrate their operational infrastructure with their enterprise infrastructure.
  • Further, they also do not understand they can integrate IoT into the products and services they offer to their customers.

Key Issue Areas:

With the number of IoT devices expected to grow exponentially within the enterprise, integration and management become key concerns. Specific areas of concern with respect to integration & management are.

  • Security
  • Deployment – how can mass deployments be made seamless & painless?
  • Integration & Configuration – deployed IoT solutions have to be integrated into enterprise infrastructure configured correctly so data flows right.
  • Management – these deployments need to be managed to detect anomalies in infrastructure and data flows.

Managed Services:

We will make integration, deployment, configuration and security a painless experience for customers who are deploying IIoT solutions, especially our own solutions. In addition, we will provide such solutions to help enterprises manage the IoT solutions they provide to their customers. We will do this with capabilities developed from ASIC level all the way to cloud infrastructure.